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• February 2014
Austin, TX 78736
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•CSM had the honor of moving the French Merci Boxcar on 2/13/2014.

•he French Merci Boxcar was part of the Gratitude Train sent from France to the United States in February 1949. The Grande Voiture du Texas of the Society of Forty Men and Eight Horses, more commonly known as the “Forty & Eight”, are the custodians of the Texas Merci Boxcar and have maintained it since it was received by then Governor Buford Jester and a host of delegates in 1949.

•n February 2014, the Texas Merci Boxcar was moved to Camp Mabry to be put on extended display in the Great Hall of the Texas Military Forces Museum. Click on this link to visit their website and learn about the history behind the Gratitude Train!

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• December 2014
•CSM is working on the Historic Norwood House in downtown Austin. Click here to view the article from the Austin American Statesman.